Selling or buying online this Christmas?

‘Cyber Monday’ or ‘Manic Monday’ is the busiest online shopping day of the year. This is said to be the Monday after the last payday before Christmas.

Last year in Britain up to £1million pounds per minute was spent online and the trend would suggest this will increase this year.

Christmas has always been a crucial time for retailers, and online retailers are no different, typically expecting a 60% peak on Cyber Monday.

Online shopping is an obvious choice for many, with the advantage of being able to shop around quickly, while avoiding the crush of shopping queues, in the comfort of their own homes.

With the online rush starting way ahead of the real-world rush, if you sell online it’s time to get your marketing hat on right now.

As always there will be fraudsters looking to cash in on the shopping frenzy with bogus web sites, phishing emails and viruses, so shoppers are warned to be extra careful when sharing their sensitive information online.

Sean O’Connor
Northern Ireland Web Designer